The Hat Game

The Hat Game is our new exciting team game, bringing together people of all ages in a fast-talking and fast-thinking challenge. Break the ice at a party, enjoy an evening with friends, or liven up a family night, with this frantic game of guessing names that’s fun for all ages.
Shout and mime your way to victory—or be the fastest to guess for your team. This traditional student party game is also known as the Name Game, Lunchbox, or Celebrities. It’s a great alternative to charades, or to board games.
Take it anywhere on your phone, and you’ll always be ready for:

  • Getting snowed in with your family
  • A cheap night in with your mates
  • The awkward silence after Christmas dinner
  • Minding the kids in the school holidays
  • That annoying gap between lectures
  • Breaking the ice at a party
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