Bubble chamber live wallpaper

Bubble Chamber fills your home screen with a constantly evolving artwork created just for you. Subtle rather than distracting, the art develops itself over time with millions of possible outcomes. Choose what colour scheme to use, how fast to animate, and how many particles to generate, and then watch a completely unique painting that’s different every time you look at it.

Bubble Chamber is based on an art exhibit by J. Tarbell, and designed for any screen size or form factor. Please test Bubble Chamber on your device and email support@ this domain to tell me how it works for you. I’m interested to hear what further features or settings you’d like to see. Bubble Chamber is open-source software: download the source from GitHub.

Download Bubble Chamber live wallpaper from Google Play™ Get it on Google Play.

If you prefer, you can download it from GitHub. Click the QR code or scan it with your phone to start the download.

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